About Us

Who We Are
Hormuud Telecom Foundation is a nonprofit making Organization funded by Hormuud Telecom Somalia Ltd. The Foundation provides a formal process for charitable contributions to communities, community groups and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Somalia who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country.
The Foundation supports initiatives / projects that provide sustainable solutions to the most pressing social challenges. Its specific focus areas are Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Environmental Conservation, Arts and Culture, and Sports. The Foundation also responds to disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

The Foundation’s Purpose
Hormuud Telecom Foundation seeks to make positive contributions to communities in Somalia in direct ways, both through financial and technical support and with the participation of Hormuud Telecom Limited Staff. Our activities revolve around doing things that would impact on strengthening the social fabric of our communities and contributing towards changing lives in a sustainable way.

The Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Values

A prosperous Somalia, where peoples’ lives are positively transformed
To partner with local communities to address social, economic and environmental issues to foster positive and lasting change
Our Values
The values that underpin our work are;

How We Work
The Hormuud Telecom Foundation believes that our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) goes far beyond the old model of philanthropy of donating money for a good cause at the end of the financial year. We want our CSI to be an all year round investment for our engagement with local communities. We want to ensure that our inputs make a sustainable difference to communities, and we want the Hormuud Telecom staff to actively participate in that process.

We work in partnership with community groups, civil society organisations, NGOs and other corporates whose objectives are consistent with the Foundation’s vision, mission and values. We have developed strategic partnerships with a number of partners to enable us provide specialised technical support and to extend our reach to more communities.

Staff Involvement

We believe that our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) begins at home with our staff, and that volunteerism is at the heart of effective CSI partnerships.

Our Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is based on the following:

Support to a wide range of community initiatives
The Foundation maintains a broad approach towards responding to community needs as is reflected by our strategic direction. We endeavour to support diverse community needs without compromising quality, results and impact.
Wide reach – ‘a footprint in every part of Somalia
The Foundation aims to spread “its wings” of support to all regions and locations in Somalia and therefore have a footprint throughout the country.

The Foundation will seek to support projects that have potential to achieve positive, long- term, social, economic and environmental impact without jeopardising the needs of future generations.
Support to both short and long term projects
We will support a variety of projects that address different short and long-term needs of the communities around us. This will vary from small community projects to large-scale and longterm projects.




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